15 Incredible Backyard DIYs To Embrace Summer


Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your epic backyard. If its not epic yet, these projects are guaranteed to make for a signficiant upgrade. Do yourself a favor and get on these right now. You’ll make your space more enjoyable and have an awesome space to make all those summer time memories. Here is the inspiration you’ve been waiting for:

1. The Mini Greenhouse of your Dreams

Do you love plants? Do you want to have the perfect environment to grow them? Then this is the project for you. Check out the details here.

Baby Greenhouse

via designdreamsbyanne

2. Curvy Fire Pit Seating

Do you love your fire pit, but just aren’t sure what the best seating solution is? Well, this DIY project is easy and practical. Get your bench on while creating cute excellent seating options.Next time you are ready for some summer smores, you and your crew can enjoy in style. Get the details here

fire pit bench

via abeautifulmess.com

3. Upcycled Planter

Do you love plants but aren’t sure how to best incorporated them into your design? Do you like to recycle older items into awesome new ones? Then this is the project for you. Grab an old tire and the paint can. Check out the details here


via diyshowoff.com

4. Outdoor waterworks

Who doesn’t love the sound of running water? Well, for surprisingly little effort and investment, you can have such a luxury beautifying your backyard. It is a bit more involved than some DIY projects, but it also has one of the best payoffs. You can go for the pond option or the waterfall look with this DIY. Get the details here


via ohmy-creative.com

5. Buddha Tiki Torches

Are you looking for a bit of Asian flaire in your backyard? Why not make use of that Lucky Buddha Beer bottle? Turn those happy little suckers into elaborate tiki torches with this tutorial


via adventuresinmaking.com

6. The mini bar you have been dreaming of

Summer gatherings can only be improved with a mini bar. Make it something memorable and affordable with this tutorial.


via ideas.evite.com

7. River Rock Table

You’ll be amazed at how easily you can add this awesome piece of practical decor to your backyard. Grab some river rocks, wire, and a glass top and BAM you’ve got an awesome table. Check it out here

river rock table

via bhg.com

8. Outside Movie House

Imagine the whole family chilling in the backyard around dusk eating BBQ and watching a movie. LEarn how to build the perfect outdoor screen here via runn.

outdoor screening-w-scissors.com

9. Fairy Folk Garden

If you think fairies are cool, this is the project for you. Not only will you have a cool conversation starter, but you will help make some awesome magical memories. Get the details here


via featheredneststudio.com

10. Charming “rock” path

Do you love the way rock paths intricately connect a wide variety of shaped rocks? Would you like to have that effect without the big time investment? Bam problem solved


via onemillionpicture.com

11. Log Lounger

If your backyard is longing for some additional seating, this log lounger is the answer for you. Its inexpensive and adds a distinct taste of atmosphere to your little oasis. Check it out here

log lounger

via homemade-modern.com

12. Classic outdoor dining set

If you are going to throw an epic party in your backyard, you will definitely need a place for people to sit and dine. Check out how to build exactly that with some old pallets here


via bridgman.co.uk

13. Fence Bench

Grab those old pieces of fence you’ve got laying around and turn them into this cool piece of furniture. Check it out here.

fence bench

via the-brick-house.com

14. Crate Storage Table

Practical, stylish, and upcycled. What more could you want from a DIY project? Check it here

crate table

via Infarrantlycreative.com

15. Flower Pot Table

And you thought flower pots were just for plants. Hah. Get the real story here

flower pot table

via apartmenttherapy.com

Featured photo credit: LOSTMIND via pixabay.com

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