Now You Can Buy The Things You Love On Pinterest Immediately


Well, this is ironic. I’ve recently been extolling the virtues of curbing your spending, and here I am telling you about a new feature on Pinterest which will allow you to buy items at the click of a button. Isn’t technology wonderful?


In the coming weeks, Pinterest users will start seeing a blue “Buyable pin” price tag next to items which link directly to an online checkout. Clicking it will allow you to purchase the item using a credit card or Apple Pay, or pin it to your wishlist, without having to leave your current spot on your pinning rounds. I know, life used to be so tough.


Fortunately, the price of items will remain the same, as Pinterest will not be adding any fees to the service. Users will also be able to sort items by price range, so they can see if a specific item of interest is being sold elsewhere for a lower price. Although the feature will only work for retail items as of now, in the future there is a possibility that ingredients for recipes will also be purchasable in groups.


The feature will be rolled out on iOS devices within the next few weeks, and will soon be coming to Android and desktops as well. Now, just remember: You can still go Pin-crazy for free. Resist the urge to buy all the things!

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