Which Indoor Plant Is Right For Your Home?


Having plants inside your house can not only improve the look and aesthetic of the place, but it can also have some promising health benefits as well.

Plants can help to improve your concentration and productivity as they purify the air and provide a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment to live in. However, it’s not always easy to find that perfect plant that will fit right in at home. Just like us, plants are living things that require time and effort to care for, along with the perfect living space for their needs.

According to MADE, there’s a science to finding which indoor plant is right for your home, and they’ve figured out the best way to find out — via infographic. Use the handy chart below to figure out which plant is best for you, depending on things like whether you’ve killed a plant before or if you have very little space available, and start reaping the green benefits of owning a house plant.


Featured photo credit: MADE via made.com

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