Back To The Future Fans: Make Your Own Delorean Time Machine With A Can

Make The Back To The Future Delorean

30 years ago, the world was introduced to time travelling teenager Marty Mcfly in the movie, Back To The Future. It went on to become an all time family favorite movie, and generated an unmatched fan following. I’ve probably seen it more than 100 times in my lifetime, and even went to a real life recreation of Hill Valley.


One of the silent stars of the movie however, was the car used to get to the future. Built with stainless steel, this futuristic looking Delorean acted as the time machine built by crazy scientist Dr. Emmet Brown. As an integral part of the movie, just as many people became fans of the car as much as the movie itself (unknown fact: in earlier drafts of the script, the time machine was actually a refrigerator!).


So what better way to pay homage to the Delorean time machine, than to make a replica of it, out of your very own steel can!?! This ingenious video shows exactly how to do that.


Not only that, but imagine all the other cool stuff you can build with a tin can. With all the famous movie cars, bikes and vehicles, the applications could be endless.


Watch this video to learn just how to make your own Delorean time machine!


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