7 Charts On Happiness That Everyone Should Read

a set of sad, unhappy and happy, smiling faces - rough sketches on isolated blue and yellow sticky notes

Happiness is getting a ton of press lately. There are Ted talks, conferences, books, and magazines devoted to turning your frown upside down. Studies show that we have the ability to change how happy we feel in any situation. Here are my favorite infographics on how happiness works from simplest to most complex.


This one is a basic chart that helps you recognize where change is needed.




These 12 simple steps you can take will boost happiness.


1433948186_12 Steps to Happiness v1.00 - Poster (color)


For those of you who love a workout, here’s how exercise increases happiness.




People who have a social support network are happier.




Letting go of negative thinking is also important.




If you really want to know what happiness is, this one is excellent.




One last tip- happiness is one of the only resources that increases when you share it!

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