Baby Must-Haves: List Of Items For The First Year


Having a newborn can be exciting and scary at the same time. When I had my first child many years ago, it was pretty much trial by fire. My husband and I had to figure everything out along the way as we were, by and large, unprepared. Being prepared beforehand is very important and this checklist will help you with that. Here, we present a detailed baby items list of must-haves for the first year:

Feeding Essential Items

If you are breastfeeding:

Nursing bras – you probably need a bra that is one cup size larger


Breast pads (disposable) – helps with potentially embarrassing spills as well


Breast pump


Lotion for sore nipples


Milk storage containers


Nursing pillow – helps you support the baby’s weight while feeding


Bottle warmer – human milk proteins are delicate, so you want to be careful not to microwave, which may lead to overheating


If you are formula feeding:

Bibs and burp cloths


Four-ounce and eight-ounce bottles with nipples (with brushes) – babies will typically go through ten four-ounce bottles per day


Baby formula – check the expiration date and lot number (in case of any recalls)


Thermal bottle carrier – for keeping milk warm when going out



Pajamas – when dressing your baby, get pajamas that are the easiest to put on or remove, without any snaps or decorative materials. Ribbons and ties may look nice, but they are choking hazards and should be avoided


Socks and booties – keep your baby warm, especially in the winter


Crib and crib mattress


Fitted cribsheets


Light blankets that fit in the crib – be careful about layering too many blankets on your baby. Your baby will not be able to kick off blankets if they get too warm!


Sleep sack


Air Purifier – it is important to keep the air in your baby’s living environment clean. Get the best air purifiers with high CADR (clean air delivery rate) ratings for common air contaminants such as dust, smoke and pollen


Light comforter – remember to keep this away from the baby’s head


Waterproof mattress covers



Plastic infant tub – your baby will learn to love getting in here for the shower


Talcum powder – great in helping to absorb moisture


Baby shampoo


Baby lotion – keeps your baby’s skin supple


Aqueous cream – often aqueous cream is enough to get your baby clean; you don’t have to bathe them everyday


Barrier cream – protects your baby from rashes


Baby oil


Baby bath towels



Large cotton blankets


Receiving blankets – can also be used as burp cloths



Diaper bag


Diaper pail


Changing pad


Barrier cream / Baby ointment – help prevent rashes


Disposable wipes – for cleaning your baby’s bottom




Reusable diapers – these can be great spit clothes even if you do not use them for diapers


Other Nice-to-Have Items

Baby Seat for the Car – very important if you are taking your baby out anywhere


Baby Shoes – some find even the best baby shoes unnecessary, but this is more a matter of personal taste. For the most part your baby should not be walking outdoors anyway.


Baby monitor – these work wonders and allow you to monitor your baby even when you are doing other things. The best baby monitors save you time and energy while helping you keep an eye on your baby


Baby stroller – ideally one that can recline so your baby can sleep easily. Also look for one that can fold easily so storage is not an issue.


Nail clippers – some parents simply bite, but I wouldn’t advise that


Baby thermometer


Medicine spoon


Rocking chair – for feeding and swaddling


Baby carrier




Pacifiers – at least two in case one gets lost or dirty


Petroleum jelly and sterile gauze – for care post-circumcision


Baby Sense – great book by an author from South Africa, another baby essential for understanding your baby better


Raising your first baby does not have to be daunting. There are many resources available online to help, such as this baby items list.

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