A Meaningful Quiz To Decide If You Should Quit Your Job


  • Ever feel like it is a drag to go to work everyday?
    • In today’s economy, perhaps it is lucky to even have a job? Plus, the salary is much needed.
  • Have an overbearing boss who drives everyone insane?
    • Remember, there are good days and bad days.
  • Feel like getting a bigger paycheck for the work you do?
    • Is the work you do really that important?
  • Got an annoying co-worker or two?
    • Yeah, but they are only annoying every other day.
  • What about the stress load?
    • It can be handled, fires can be quickly put out one at a time.
  • Not climbing the ladder?
    • Is it necessary to climb the ladder?
  • Not learning anything new?
    • Well, it’s a stable job, why change?
  • Do you want to JUST QUIT?
    • What if the next job fares worst?

Quitting a job can be a big decision, and like every decision in life, everyone is unsure at one point or another whether they should just do it. Fear not, with today’s technology, you can access the right tools to help you think about one of life’s most simplest, yet difficult decisions.

Take this 25 questions quiz to see whether you should quit your job. You will judge each statement from a scale of 1 to 5 (which stands for how much you agree or disagree with each statement).

That’s it. You got here, so you are destined to take the quiz and share your results with others.

Go on, take the quiz now: Should You Quit Your Job or Not?

Featured photo credit: http://cloud.addictivetips.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Should-I-Quit-My-Job-Qs.jpg via cloud.addictivetips.com

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