30 Things To Remember If You Have A 5-Year-Old Daughter

30 Things To Remember If You Have A 5-Year-Old Daughter

Do you have a five year old daughter? Having a five year old daughter is a real experience, from her laughing when you hurt yourself to seeing you as her role model. It is exciting, annoying and rewarding; check out 30 things you should remember if you have a 5 year old daughter.

1. You are her favorite person in the entire world – there are few others in the world who love you as much as she does.

2. She loves to be cuddled and held by you when she is feeling sleepy or ill.

3. However, if she is hyper, don’t even bother thinking about trying for a hug.

4. Don’t be upset that she isn’t always affectionate. She will be your best friend again by the end of the day.

5. Your daughter can slam a door louder than a teenager could. Despite this strength, she continuously will leave doors, fridges and cupboards open and it will drive you crazy.

6. She is hilarious. She comes out with brilliant one-liners and witty remarks. Embrace her sense of humour.

7. She does not think you are funny when you tell jokes – but she thinks your hilarious when you drop something or fall over.

8. If you leave your brand new, expensive body lotion out she will use all of it, and then she will develop an itchy rash that she will expect you to fix. Don’t get cross – the memory is worth more than the body lotion.

9. She probably isn’t interested in make-up yet, but she would be interested in using your pricey lipsticks as crayons for the walls.

10. Clothes aren’t a big deal to her yet – let her choose things in her favorite colors, and avoid white.

11. Sometimes she is going to hate your decision, even if it is for the best. She can’t wear her summer dress outside when it’s snowing, but she doesn’t understand that. Accept that sometimes you’ll just have to annoy her for her own benefit.

11. She thinks sweets are better than a cooked dinner, but don’t let this annoy you – she will probably stick with this opinion until she’s in her early 20’s.

12. She will frequently have complete meltdowns. She isn’t trying to test your patience, but her world is smaller than yours and little things are much more upsetting to her.

13. You will want to take none-stop pictures of your adorable daughter, but she’s probably only interested if she can pull goofy faces.

14. At 5, your daughter thinks she can do anything. Tell her she can every single day, because as she gets older she will start to doubt herself.

15. She thinks you can do anything. Don’t say she is wrong – in her eyes, you really can do everything.

16. If you think that it is annoying when she asks lots of questions, be glad that she hasn’t learned what sarcasm is yet.

17. When she offers to help, don’t say no. She wants to help you and even if it is just a small job, she likes to feel involved

18. Her interests will change all of the time. One week she may like to watch a certain TV, and she may hate it a week later. Don’t become frustrated – she is figuring out who she is as a person.

19. If she hasn’t had enough sleep, you’re both going to have a tough day. This is no-one’s fault.

20. You are the most important role model in her life. Teach your daughter about compassion, being kind and loving yourself.

21. She needs your praise. It will help to form her self-confidence and love.

22. Every time you see an animal, she will probably ask if she can keep it. Buy her a pet and teach her how to love and look after something else.

23. She is great at spending your money. Try not to spoil her but make sure she has everything she needs.

24. She has not yet formed opinions on the world. Don’t teach her to be cynical and bitter – the world will try to do that later.

25. Your daughter is her own person. She is not you or your partner. Do not try to turn her into yourself.

26. She may not like vegetables, but she doesn’t always have to know when she is eating them. You can be sneaky.

27. Treat her occasionally. She deserves it – she is the light of your life and one of the main sources of your happiness.

38. Even if you do something bad, in her eyes, you can do no wrong.

29. Your daughter will want to tell you about every flower and person she ever sees. Let her tell you; the world is much more magical through a child’s eyes.

30. She loves you unconditionally.

What did you think of this list? Do you agree? Share this with the mothers you know to see what they think!

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