How to Use Technology for A Healthy Long Distance Relationship


Being in a long distance relationship can be an exciting adventure full of travels and adventures, but it can also be a daunting and exhausting process at times.

It’s always worth looking at ways to spice up your relationship and keep things fresh for anyone partnered up, even if they’re not in a long distance relationship. With the super influx of modern day technologies and the various apps available on the market, there have never been as many creative ways to keep things fun.

Thankfully, looked at some of the most useful and adventurous ways we can use technology when in a long-term relationship. If you both live on the opposite sides of the country or world, how about both going on a romantic stroll around your favorite local destination via Periscope? There’s also the Gaze app which lets you Netflix & chill in perfect sync over a video call.

Have a look at the infographic below for some more handy ways to use technology within your relationship.


Featured photo credit: Garry Knight via

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