Infographic: Complete Photography Guide For Beginners

Beginner to photography

Photography is easy, right? There’s a huge misconception when it comes to great photography. Most people think anyone can take a beautiful picture as long as they have an iPhone. This is simply not true.

A good photographer can quickly spot the difference in photography taken by an amateur and that of a professional. It’s not easy to become a professional photographer; excellent photography requires a deep understanding of your camera, lighting, exposure, aperture, balance, and much more.

Now, just because you have an Instagram doesn’t mean you can jump into photography like an expert. There are enough wannabes in the photography industry. The last thing it needs is another person that spends a couple of hundred dollars on a camera, and then believes they’re the best photographer in the world.

The truth is – just like every other skill you master – you must begin at the starting line. In the infographic below, you’ll get the head start you need as a novice photographer to eventually become a credible professional:

Original source of infographic: The Phoblographer


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