Ultimate Lighting Guide For Photographers In One Infographic

photography lighting

Having trouble utilizing lighting for your photography?

It’s not easy to become a pro photographer and particularly to set up great lighting for picture-perfect shots. If you’re a beginner, or even a professional, sometimes you just a need a leg up in understanding the lighting in order to give your pictures that extra flair.

Portraits can be tough when it comes to achieving perfect lighting. Moreover, they’re one of the most misunderstood concepts in photography. If you’re taking a portrait, there’s no room for error — everything is magnified.

If you’re working in a studio setting, then there’s more room for trial and error because you have more control over the lighting. This still doesn’t mean you can jump into the world of photography with complete confidence.

Every photographer can still use a foundation and a refresher on how to implement the right lighting. And this lighting guide will teach you how to position your photography equipment to achieve your desired portraits:

Original source of infographic: Designtaxi

lighting guide

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