5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone


iPhone owners often entertain a certain feeling of superiority towards other smartphone users; ironically, they quite often fail to use even a fraction of real features their devices have and never delve deeper into what their iPhones can really do, sometimes putting up with inconveniences for years. Here we will tell you about 5 lesser known or not easily achievable things that can be done with iPhones.

1. Taking Photos with Headphones

Not literally, of course – there is no hidden camera in your iPhone’s headphones. However, these recognizable white headphones have a number of additional capabilities that are overlooked by the vast majority of users, and their usefulness in taking photos is one of them. With the camera app open, you simply have to press the center of the headphones to take a picture. What for, you may ask? It is quite simple – when you press a shutter on touchscreen, you almost always inadvertently cause your iPhone to alter its position somewhat, which may lead to blurry photos, and using headphones allows you to avoid it.

2. Fighting the Lack of Free Space

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that iOS is probably not among the most flexible and accessible platform, and nowhere it is shown to the same extent as in how little freedom you have over how your precious drive space is being used. Annoying “Other” portion of space usage grows incessantly, and you haven’t the foggiest idea as to what your iPhone insists on keeping there and why it occupies more than a half of your total disk space. Wiping the device may help, but it is a little bit too drastic measure, and a temporary one at that. In order to get rid of this problem you will have to invest in a storage cleaning app – you may find a number of useful recommendations here.

3. Creating Custom Vibration Alerts

It may sound like an insignificant and rather weird thing to do, but you can create customized vibration notifications for your contacts. This means that you may single out people who are more important and set custom patterns to be able to immediately recognize them without having to look at your phone. It may turn out to be a great relief when you are occupied with some serious business and are able to tell at once if you have to look at your phone or it can wait.

4. Caller Block

Wrong numbers and spammers can get really annoying, especially if you have a phone that is very similar to someone who gets a lot of calls or if your number is listed somewhere online. There is a way out, however – you may block contacts with one touch, there is no need to go deep into setting to do it. Thus, spammers and wrong number won’t get more than one shot at you – then they will get blocked indefinitely.

5. Text Messages in Response to Calls

What can be more annoying and distracting than getting a call during an important meeting and having to either reject it or interrupt the meeting? Instead you can answer with a text – and it isn’t even necessary to type the entire message, as there is a number of pre-made answers covering most typical situation, like “Can’t talk, in a meeting”.

iPhone possesses a host of additional abilities and options to make its owner’s life easier – unfortunately, most people don’t even suspect about their existence, as the only way to discover them is to read the manual, or intentionally research the matter on the Internet – which is exactly what you did right now.

Featured photo credit: iPhone 5 white zoom/The Tech Block via flickr.com

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